What to Know About the ‘Pregnancy Nose’ Photos That Are All Over TikTok

There are many physique modifications to anticipate throughout being pregnant—a rising stomach chief amongst them, after all. However…a rising nostril? In line with some individuals who have been pregnant, it may be a baffling facet impact. And it’s inflicting plenty of chatter on social media, because of a slew of individuals posting before-and-after pictures of their “pregnancy nose” on TikTok.

In one video that’s obtained greater than 44,000 likes, TikTok consumer @mamba.basa shared a “earlier than” photograph, noting that she thought she would look “so cute” throughout pregnancy. The video then flips to a second photograph, wherein her face (and nostril) look a bit completely different. The caption reads, “take a look at the dimensions of my nostril already… #pregnancynose.” 

“My face bought so swollen towards the top of my being pregnant,” fellow TikTok consumer @alexajoelenejacobson stated in a video. She additionally shared a photograph of her face “precisely a month” earlier than she gave beginning, with the caveat that the modifications she skilled weren’t from weight acquire. “This was from simply purely swelling and all of the water I used to be retaining,” she stated. “My nostril feels prefer it’s an entire inch wider. My face felt so tight.” 

In fact, TikTok is filled with questionable well being claims, so it’s comprehensible to have some doubts. Right here’s the deal, in line with specialists.

Seems, “being pregnant nostril” is an actual risk. 

For those who’re speaking to a health care provider, they could name it “being pregnant rhinitis.” There isn’t a ton of analysis on the market about this facet impact, however one 2013 study discovered that 39% of the 117 pregnant individuals who participated within the analysis skilled it. One other older paper defines being pregnant rhinitis as “nasal congestion within the final six or extra weeks of being pregnant, with out different indicators of respiratory tract an infection and with no recognized allergic trigger”—however the look of your nostril might change at any level in being pregnant, Christine Greves, MD, a board-certified ob-gyn on the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Ladies & Infants in Orlando, tells SELF. 

For instance, your nostril might seem bigger or it could look swollen and puffy. It could even really feel stuffy or blocked up, form of like what you’d expertise with flaring allergic reactions or a chilly, Linda N. Lee, MD, FACS, a doctor on the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Facial and Beauty Surgical procedure Heart and an assistant professor of otolaryngology-head and neck surgical procedure at Harvard Medical Faculty, tells SELF.

The precise reason for “being pregnant nostril” is up within the air, however specialists have some stable theories.

It’s not completely stunning to expertise swelling in surprising locations throughout being pregnant as a result of the physique is producing much more blood and fluid to help the fetus’s wants. “The physique needs to extend blood move to the uterus,” Dr. Lee says, however all that further fluid must go someplace, which may embrace the nasal passages. There’s additionally “leisure of the blood vessels” that may occur attributable to a rise of the hormone progesterone within the physique throughout being pregnant—and that “can lead to the nostril showing somewhat bigger,” Dr. Greves says. Placental progress hormone (PGH), which is produced and secreted by the placenta throughout being pregnant, may additionally be concerned. 

You possibly can’t cease being pregnant nostril (or another swelling) from occurring—nevertheless it received’t final eternally.

Sadly, there isn’t a miracle product or massage technique that can completely scale back nasal or facial swelling throughout being pregnant, Dr. Greves says. However should you’re coping with annoying congestion along with that swelling, Dr. Lee says utilizing a saline nasal spray may also help clear up the stuffiness—simply be sure you focus on this along with your physician first.

The excellent news: Being pregnant swelling received’t final eternally. Some research suggests it could possibly take as little as two weeks after giving beginning for being pregnant rhinitis to resolve itself, however Dr. Greves says the period of time it takes to get again to “regular” can range from individual to individual, from a number of weeks to 6 months—which means, your nostril ought to return to its standard measurement by then or (hopefully) sooner. 


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