This 4-Move Strength Workout Will Hit Every Part of Your Arms

Wish to strengthen your arms, however aren’t precisely certain the place to begin? This newbie arms exercise is simply what you have to add to your routine—and it solely has 4 strikes.

Your arms truly embrace a bunch of various muscle tissue, together with your biceps (muscle tissue alongside the entrance of your higher arm), triceps (the again of your higher arm), deltoids (shoulders), brachioradialis (forearm muscle tissue), and rotator cuff (small muscle tissue behind your shoulder). Constructing energy in these muscle tissue is vital for pushing and pulling—each in on a regular basis life, like when pushing a door open or pulling it closed, and in your energy coaching routines, akin to once you carry out an overhead press or a row.

“With each motion, you’re utilizing these smaller arms muscle tissue—the biceps and triceps—as equipment that can assist you to carry out bigger actions,” ACE-certified private coach Sivan Fagan, CPT, proprietor of Strong With Sivan, tells SELF.

Which means in case you’re trying to work your arms, you don’t essentially must focus solely on “arms exercises.” Compound actions—workout routines that work a couple of muscle group throughout a number of joints—can even hit your arms muscle tissue, too. And in case you’re a newbie, together with a few of these workout routines can present a much bigger bang to your exercise buck. That’s why the newbie arms exercise Fagan created for SELF beneath consists of some compound moves, too.

Take, as an illustration, the overhead press. Whenever you push the weights above your head, you’re primarily working your shoulders, however your triceps and the higher a part of your chest muscles are available in to help the transfer. And with a row, your lats and rhomboids are actually working, however your biceps fireplace too to assist full the train. So with these compound strikes, whilst you’re positively working your arms muscle tissue, you’re additionally hitting different larger muscle tissue as properly.

Then you possibly can add isolation strikes—workout routines that use one joint and goal a smaller space—to the combo to essentially double down on the arms work. For instance, the hammer curl actually targets your forearms, that are usually a bit weaker than your biceps, whereas the wide-grip biceps curl works on the internal a part of your biceps. By combining compound actions and isolation workout routines, you’re getting a extremely comprehensive workout targeted on strengthening each a part of your arm in simply 4 strikes.

Earlier than you start this arms exercise, it’s vital that you simply heat up your physique—particularly your shoulder joints and your shoulder blades—beforehand. Workout routines just like the open-and-close book, (the place you lie in your facet and totally prolong your arm as much as the ceiling after which to the ground on the other facet of your physique) are nice methods to do that, says Fagan. It’s also possible to seize a resistance band and check out this upper-body warm-up!

This beginner-friendly exercise will kickstart your arms routine. Prepared to present it a go? Collect your dumbbells and browse on for the instructions.

The Exercise

What you want: A pair of sunshine dumbbells. Since you’ll be working the identical muscle tissue with little to no relaxation between workout routines, you may need to decide out for a lighter weight than what you’ll usually use. Whereas the load will fluctuate relying in your expertise and health degree, 5-8 kilos generally is a good beginning vary.

Workout routines:

  • Kneeling overhead press
  • Bent-over row to triceps kickback
  • Hammer curl
  • Extensive-grip biceps curl


  • Carry out every train for 45 seconds, capturing to carry out as many high quality reps as attainable. Decelerate in case you really feel your type starting to falter. Attempt to not relaxation between strikes.
  • After finishing all 4 workout routines, relaxation for 60 seconds. Full 4 rounds complete.

Demoing the strikes beneath are Alex Orr (GIF 1), a non-diet NASM-certified private coach and CNC, and host of The Birdie and the Bees podcast; Francine Delgado-Lugo (GIF 2), cofounder of FORM Fitness Brooklyn; Gail Barranda Rivas (GIF 3), a licensed group health teacher, purposeful energy coach, Pilates and yoga teacher, and home and worldwide health presenter; and Denise Harris (GIF 4), a NASM-certified private coach and Pilates teacher primarily based in New York Metropolis.

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