Here’s How Much Vaginal Discharge Is Actually Normal

Testing your discharge is form of like studying your vagina’s tea leaves. Vaginal discharge can generally clue you into what’s up down there, together with in case you have any potential well being issues that ought to ship you straight to the ob/gyn. However how a lot of the stuff is it regular to see on any given day? There’s no across-the-board simple reply right here, however the quantity of your discharge can nonetheless trace at a number of issues about your well being.

Discharge is your physique’s fairly genius manner of holding your vagina clear and lubricated, so it’s regular to have no less than some of it.

Vaginal discharge might sound mysterious, however it’s really only a combination of cells and fluid out of your vagina and mucus out of your cervix (the low, slender portion of your uterus), Maura Quinlan, M.D., M.P.H., an assistant professor within the division of obstetrics and gynecology on the Northwestern College Feinberg Faculty of Drugs, tells SELF. It has far more of a goal than simply hanging out in your underwear; discharge is your vagina’s manner of cleansing itself, staying moisturized, and shielding itself from an infection and irritation, in response to the Mayo Clinic.

No set quantity of discharge is taken into account “regular” for everybody. It’s extra about studying how a lot is regular for you.

Don’t fear if it looks as if you might have manner roughly vaginal discharge than the subsequent individual. “I inform my sufferers that discharge is like sweat—some individuals don’t sweat very a lot, and a few sweat quite a bit,” Dr. Quinlan says.

It’s not like medical doctors can say it’s best to have exactly one teaspoon of discharge every single day, and any roughly means it is advisable to get to a vagina physician ASAP. “You simply need to preserve tabs on what’s regular for you,” Jonathan Schaffir, M.D., an ob/gyn on the Ohio State College Wexner Medical Middle, tells SELF. And your definition of regular discharge might change all through the month.

The quantity of discharge you churn out can range throughout totally different elements of your menstrual cycle.

So, your menstrual cycle begins together with your interval, and the discharge state of affairs is not any thriller there: Blood will seemingly overwhelm any common discharge you’ll see, though you may expertise brown discharge earlier than or after your interval while you’re bleeding only a trickle.

After your interval wraps up, you may not have a ton of discharge since you’re not producing a lot cervical mucus, in response to the Mayo Clinic. That doesn’t imply your physique isn’t making any discharge—bear in mind, some remains to be coming out of your vaginal tissue itself—it could simply be lower than you see at different instances.

As your cycle progresses and your physique begins making ready for ovulation, your estrogen ranges enhance, and also you may discover extra discharge, which might be white, yellow, or cloudy-looking, and should really feel sticky. Your estrogen ranges proceed to rise as you get nearer to ovulation, and your discharge might develop into actually skinny and slippery since you’re expelling extra cervical mucus. “It may possibly look quite a bit like egg whites,” Dr. Schaffir says. This mucus is there to assist sperm journey as much as your cervix so it’s simpler so that you can get pregnant, Dr. Quinlan explains.

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