Day 20: A Jump and Twist HIIT Routine to Fire Up Your Abs

The exercise under is for Day 20 of the SELF 2022 Spring Problem. Take a look at the total four-week exercise program proper here. Or go to the exercise calendar here. In the event you’d like to enroll to obtain day by day emails for this problem, you are able to do that here.

In right this moment’s cardio and core HIIT routine, you’ll be biking by 4 workouts: the crab stroll to leap, mountain climber twist, squat to indirect crunch, and leaping jack. Plyometric workouts (leaping strikes) bookend this circuit, which serves to maintain your coronary heart fee excessive all through.

This HIIT routine can be wealthy with strikes that have you ever working within the transverse airplane of movement—mainly, workouts that contain rotation or twisting. Coaching on this means is vital as a result of it higher mimics the necessities of on a regular basis life, which helps guard towards damage. And it additionally provides a big problem to your obliques, the muscle tissue that run alongside the perimeters of your stomach.

In the event you’re not feeling as much as leaping on this exercise, you possibly can completely modify the plyo strikes in a means that works for you. For example, you possibly can sub in an overhead attain within the crab stroll to leap, or do a side-step within the leaping jack.

In the event you do plan to leap, it is a nice alternative to verify your footwear are working for you. Sneakers which are too tight, rub, or don’t supply sufficient assist are doubtless going to really feel extra bothersome in a routine that’s higher-impact like this one. In the event you really feel like your kicks have seen higher days, check out some options here for some strong replacements.


Full every train for the chosen work/relaxation interval:

I = 30 seconds work, 30 seconds relaxation
II = 40 seconds work, 20 seconds relaxation
III = 50 seconds work, 10 seconds relaxation

Relaxation 60 seconds between rounds. Full 2 to five rounds.


  • Crab Stroll to Bounce
  • Mountain Climber Twist
  • Squat to Indirect Crunch
  • Leaping Jack


After your final circuit, strive the bonus EMOM: Do each strikes for the advisable variety of reps aiming to complete in below 60 seconds. In case you have time left over, relaxation. On the high of the subsequent minute, begin once more. Repeat 4 occasions complete (a complete of 4 minutes).

  • Squat to Indirect Crunch (8 to 10 reps)
  • Russian Twist (8 to 10 reps)

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