Day 12: A Total Body Push-Pull Circuit for Full-Body Strength

The exercise under is for Day 12 of the SELF 2022 Spring Problem. Take a look at the complete four-week exercise program proper here. Or go to the exercise calendar here. If you happen to’d like to enroll to obtain day by day emails for this problem, you are able to do that here.

That rest day yesterday felt good, didn’t it, #TeamSELF? Hopefully you have been in a position to take a while to let your physique calm down and recharge, which, in any case, is among the key parts in any exercise program! We hope you’re feeling recent for this routine: a total-body push-pull circuit.

Programming a workout in push-pull fashion is a time-efficient method to construction your exercise with out feeling such as you’re fully blowing out your muscle tissues. That’s as a result of a push-pull circuit alternates between actions that work opposing muscle teams. The advantage of that is, even in the event you’re doing a circuit with minimal relaxation between strikes, your muscle tissues gained’t fatigue so shortly as a result of whereas one muscle group works, the opposing one rests. Whereas a push-pull circuit could seem extra intuitive when eager about your higher physique, the identical premise applies to lower-body workout routines too.

There’s one new train on this total-body push-pull energy exercise that we’d identical to to name consideration to earlier than you get began: the kickstand deadlift. The kickstand deadlift is a nifty hybrid between the Romanian deadlift—which you’re fairly conversant in!—and the single-leg deadlift, which is a extra superior transfer. With the kickstand deadlift, you’re primarily working your entrance leg, which makes it a unilateral train, although your again leg remains to be there for help. This makes balancing an entire lot simpler!

We actually invite you to benefit from the bonus 60-second finisher right here. The I-Y-T increase targets the small muscle tissues behind your shoulders and your rotator cuff, which is tremendous essential in serving to to stabilize your shoulder muscle tissues. Many individuals overlook about these muscle tissues when energy coaching, which might go away them susceptible to damage, particularly when performing weighted urgent actions. So take a while to indicate these tiny muscle tissues some love too!


Intention for 8 to fifteen reps of every train. Relaxation for as much as 30 seconds between workout routines. Relaxation for 1 to 2 minutes after every spherical. Full 2 to 4 rounds whole.


  • Kickstand Deadlift
  • Bent-over Row
  • Sumo Squat
  • Overhead Press
  • Glute Bridge


After your final circuit, attempt the bonus transfer for 60 seconds.

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