A Stretching and Foam Rolling Routine to Loosen Up Tight Muscles

Tight, sore muscles are widespread after operating, which makes recovery an excellent essential a part of any coaching program. And this foam rolling for runners routine—which begins off with some dynamic stretching strikes that really feel superb—is a good way to suit that restoration into your common schedule.

On this operating restoration exercise video, which is the ultimate installment of Sweat With SELF’s Health for Runners sequence, you’ll spend further time giving your muscle mass some TLC. Rhandi Orme, an authorized run coach and private coach, and coach Quan Bailey lead you thru a routine that begins with dynamic stretches that may assist work out the kinks from tightened muscle mass and end with foam rolling strikes to essentially dig deeper at any knots that stay.

Within the dynamic stretching portion, you’ll cycle by way of strikes that loosen up your leg muscle mass, together with your quads and glutes, in addition to your upper-body muscle mass, akin to your thoracic backbone, and your core. All of those muscle mass can really feel tight and sore after a run, so spending a while taking them by way of mild ranges of movement will help them loosen up.

Then you definately’ll finish with the foam rolling portion of the operating restoration video. We get it: Foam rolling might be intimidating—and possibly just a little uncomfortable. That’s why Orme and Bailey will take you thru beginner-friendly choices (in addition to counsel modifications) for foam rolling strikes to launch pressure in your again, IT band, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. With foam rolling, you wish to pause at a degree in your physique the place you’re feeling a knot—holding it there helps you’re feeling a launch, which not solely feels nice but in addition helps enhance your mobility. (Simply make sure that to maintain the stress from the froth curler off your bones and joints, and in your muscle mass.)

Prepared for a stretching and foam rolling for runners restoration routine that takes simply 20 minutes? Seize a mat and prepare to work out these knots.

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