A 3-Move Chest Workout You Can Do With a Resistance Band

When you consider strengthening your chest, free weights like dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells most likely come to thoughts. However a cable chest exercise is an effective-yet-underrated solution to smoke your higher half, and generally is a welcome boost to your upper-body energy coaching program together with these pec dumbbell workouts or kettlebell circuits you could have already got slotted in.

Cable exercises are nice routines so as to add to the combo as a result of cables maintain your muscle groups beneath fixed pressure, versus free weights which give your muscle groups breaks from pressure at sure elements of the strikes, ACE-certified private coach Sivan Fagan, proprietor of Strong With Sivan in Baltimore, tells SELF. Cables additionally restrict momentum in your actions, which might translate to higher calls for in your muscle groups, she explains.

However chances are high you don’t have a cable machine arrange at dwelling, that means you’d must go to the gymnasium to get in a superb cable chest exercise. That’s the place resistance bands are available in: Resistance bands work your muscle groups very equally to how cables do, and you may mimic a cable set-up by fixing the resistance bands to an anchor level. When you do that, you should utilize resistance bands to focus on your chest muscles (which embrace the 2 pectoral muscle groups: the larger pec main and smaller pec minor), in addition to your triceps and the entrance of your shoulders, identical to a cable exercise would.

One other plus of resistance bands: They’re transportable and versatile, making them a helpful software for at-home coaching.

“I make the most of bands many, many instances with my purchasers, particularly as a result of most of my purchasers do not go to a gymnasium anymore,” says Fagan.

What are the advantages of energy coaching your chest?

You utilize your chest muscle groups in plenty of on a regular basis life eventualities: Just about anytime you carry out a pushing movement—for instance, steering a full cart of groceries or heaving a field again onto a shelf—your chest muscle groups are at work. And the stronger this muscle group is, the simpler and extra environment friendly your day-to-day actions will really feel. Plus, you additionally use your pectoral, shoulder, and triceps muscle groups in plenty of totally different pushing strikes if you energy practice, like push-ups, chest presses, and overhead presses. (That’s why many full chest exercises usually embrace triceps and shoulder exercises too, since these muscle groups help in lots of chest-centric workout routines.)

Generally, it’s essential to have stability between these pushing muscle groups and your pulling muscle groups (your again and biceps), as this could contribute to good posture and shoulder well being, says Fagan. And incorporating a cable chest exercise into your routine—whether or not it’s a circuit-style higher chest cable exercise, a cable routine paired with push-ups for decrease chest, or a collection of traditional cable strikes just like the cable crossover—might be one solution to present your frontside higher physique muscle groups the love they deserve. Simply just be sure you’re equally centered on these posterior pulling muscle groups on the opposite days you’re employed out!

How are you going to get in a superb cable chest exercise at dwelling with resistance bands?

Like we talked about, you do not want an precise cable to reap the advantages of a cable exercise—you may merely affix a resistance band to an anchor level at dwelling and obtain comparable outcomes. Resistance bands work equally to cables as a result of they assist maintain your muscle groups beneath fixed pressure and cut back momentum in your actions. Within the under chest workout that Fagan created for SELF, we present precisely how you are able to do traditional cable strikes with a resistance band as an alternative.

Earlier than we get into the at-home chest workout particulars, there are a couple of basic suggestions you need to be conscious of in an effort to profit from your resistance band chest exercise. First, ensure you all the time really feel pressure within the band; this ensures your muscle groups are getting challenged to the max. Second, deal with good type, says Fagan. In comparison with a gymnasium exercise, the place machines can considerably allow you to get into correct positioning, there’s extra room for error with resistance band-only strikes, so pay shut consideration to your type and ensure it’s on level.

Lastly, don’t fret an excessive amount of in regards to the peak of the anchor level, whether or not it’s above, under, or precisely in keeping with your physique, explains Fagan. For any particular transfer, you’ll nonetheless work the identical muscle teams regardless of the peak of the anchor; it’s simply there shall be slight variations by which muscle fibers are focused, explains Fagan. As an example, a excessive anchor level for chest flies (just like a excessive cable fly) will goal the higher fibers of the pec main, whereas a low anchor level will goal the decrease fibers of the pec main. These variations are small, and what’s most essential is that you just discover an anchor level that’s sturdy and safe. (Right here’s extra data on setting up an anchor point.)

Now, onto the precise exercise. Fagan suggests doing this three-move routine–which targets your whole chest muscle groups, in addition to your shoulders, triceps, and core—twice every week. You’ll start with an AMRAP set, the place you’ll problem your chest muscle groups with as many reps as potential with the push-up, after which go right into a banded superset to hone in even additional in your chest whereas giving your triceps some consideration, too. You are able to do this routine as a finisher after one other energy exercise, like one which targets your legs or again, as an example. Or, you may carry out it earlier than or after cardio.

Nevertheless you fit this exercise into your routine, ensure to warm-up first. (It is a great upper-body warm-up you may attempt, whether or not you’re making ready for this cable chest exercise or a total-body strength workout.) Then, when you begin the routine, ensure to deal with type and good mind-muscle connection. When you don’t really feel your muscle groups working as you carry out reps, gently faucet them; this will help activate them, Fagan explains.

Prepared to significantly strengthen your higher physique at dwelling with resistance bands? Hold scrolling for a tremendous, three-move routine that you just’ll need to add to your arsenal of fine chest exercises.

The Exercise

What you want: A resistance band. The appropriate stage of resistance will rely in your health stage and different components, however as a basic leaping off level, Fagan suggests beginning with a medium energy band. (Right here’s extra on how to choose the best resistance bands—and a few nice choices to attempt.)




  • Chest fly
  • Triceps extension


  • Begin with the AMRAP set, which stands for “as many reps as potential.” Do as many push-ups as you may with good type. Relaxation 1-2 minutes, then repeat. Full 3 rounds whole.
  • Then transfer onto the superset. Do every transfer for 10-15 reps with out resting in between strikes. Relaxation for 1 minute, then repeat. Full 2 rounds whole.

Demoing the strikes under are Francine Delgado-Lugo (GIF 1), cofounder of FORM Fitness Brooklyn; Rosimer Suarez (GIF 2), a particular schooling trainer from New York Metropolis; and Nicole Figueroa, a NASM-certified private coach and on-line health coach.

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